Whether you want to go on a hike in a park or you prefer the city streets, all family sessions are a fun adventure. Although we will get the posed family portraits, many photos are of you engaging with your people and trying to capture your lifestyle and the love you all share. We will have many prompts to help you along, but we hope you feel free to show us how silly or serious you are in your own ways, too!

Email us today to set up your session and feel free to ask us to help with location and clothing choices.

We have seasonal recommendations, and here are our general tips:

Choose seasonal earthy shades of colors. Avoid neon colors completely, please.

Layer colors, and patterns.

Use patterned clothing and colors for pop amongst mostly solid colors.

Use different texture of clothing to bring interest. Corduroy, silky, knit, chunky, sleek items could all be in boring colors like creams, grays and tans, but together, look amazing.

No logos. No words. Sometimes, but rarely ever are words good.

Get super fancy! Or don’t. You be you. But, get out of your comfort zone a little bit for a long flowing dress or that hat you like, but are scared of. Someday you’ll look back and be like, dang, I looked good!!

Wear makeup 20% darker than you usually would.

Add an extra detail layer: fashion scarf or hat, necklace, suspenders, flowers, headband, for example.

Mini Portrait Session "Cedar"

$225 - 10 digital images
$350 - full gallery upgrade
in-studio only
1-2 people
30 minutes

Basic Portrait Session "Juniper"

$350 -15  digital images
$500 - full gallery upgrade
3+ people
One hour
One location

Extended Family "Cypress"

$750 - full gallery
Up to two hours 

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